Current Projects

I am currently working on a couple of Victorian crime novels (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries) and a new project set in 1920s London.

pinot noir

No Stone Unturned, is the first Lucy Lawrence crime/mystery set in 1880s Yorkshire and London.


A suspicious death, stolen gems and an unclaimed reward; who will be the victor in a deadly game of cat and mouse?

London October 1886: Trapped in a troubled marriage, Lucy Lawrence is ripe for an adventure. But when she meets the enigmatic Phineas Stone, over the body of her husband in the mortuary, her world begins to fall apart.

When her late husband’s secrets spill from the grave, and her life is threatened by the leader of London’s most notorious gang, Lucy must find the strength to rise to the challenge. But who can she trust and how is she to stay out of the murderous clutches of London’s most dangerous criminal?

Footprints in the Sandis the second Lucy Lawrence Mystery and is set in Egypt 1887. Lucy finds herself embroiled in the machinations and professional jealousies of rival English and French Egyptologists. When a prominent member of the profession is found murdered, Lucy must keep her wits about her to solve the case and avoid meeting a similar fate.