Cultybraggan: A Scottish WW2 PoW Camp

In a beautiful and scenic area of Perthshire, Scotland, between the Aberuchill Hills and the Water of Ruchill, is Cultybraggan PoW camp, known as Camp 21. Initially built in 1941, it was probably intended to be an army camp but instead became a camp for captured Italians. These Italians prisoners were used to supply manpower... Continue Reading →

New Release from William Todd

Today on the blog, I am delighted to be hosting William Todd, one of my favourite authors. William's new release, Murder in Keswick, a Sherlock Holmes mystery, is a great read. You are very welcome, William, could you tell us a little bit about the background to the book? I always enjoyed the stories of... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Marcia Clayton

This evening in the Library we have ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Marcia Clayton who has dropped in to say hello and to share some insights into her life as an author. Good evening, and thank you for inviting me for a chat, Pam. I live in North Devon in the South West of England, and I am a farmer’s... Continue Reading →

1940: A Blitz Christmas

Keep Calm and Carry On! This could not be more appropriate when describing what became known as 'Blitzmas'. In December 1940, Hitler's Luftwaffe was doing its best to wipe British cities off the map. But the British public were having none of it and were determined to have the best possible holiday they could. Time... Continue Reading →

New Release from Pam Lecky

Abbey Gardens, where it all started in No Stone Unturned It has been a hectic year, working on many different projects, including Her Secret War and Her Last Betrayal for Avon Books UK. However, as you probably know, my Lucy Lawrence Mystery Series is very close to my heart. Therefore, I am delighted to announce... Continue Reading →

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