Victorian Tourism: Thomas Cook

Today, everyone is familiar with the guided tour or cruise, but such things were virtually unheard of in the early years of the Victorian age. The man who changed that, and who is now considered the inventor of modern tourism, was Thomas Cook. Who was he? Thomas was born in 1808 in Derbyshire, England, and... Continue Reading →

The Shepheard Hotel Cairo

By the middle of the Victorian era, foreign travel was much easier and tourism was flourishing. One of the most popular destinations was the land of the pharaohs - Egypt. The 'leisure' classes took advantage in their droves and some could even afford a Thomas Cook Tour up the Nile. A forty-day round trip from... Continue Reading →

First Draft Blues

It all starts with a great story idea; that light bulb moment. You can't wait to sit down and start writing. This is far too easy, you think ... until it all goes pear-shaped. Now, there are plotters and pantsers and I happen to fall somewhere inbetween. As it happens, I have to approach my... Continue Reading →

The 19th Century Writing Box

What a joy it is when beauty and function are combined! On a recent research jaunt into the vaults of the interweb, I discovered what a remarkable collection of items were made to facilitate the Victorians’ love of writing. In particular I was fascinated by their equivalent of the laptop – the lap desk/box or... Continue Reading →

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