Historical Fiction Cover Winner June 2017

Do you love historical fiction? What makes you choose one book over another? For most of us, the cover is the first thing that attracts our attention. 

Each month I will be choosing my ‘Pam’s Pick’. Hopefully, you will be intrigued enough to look beyond the covers I feature and find your next favourite author. If a cover interests you just click on the image to learn more about the book and buy if you wish.

And the not so small print: the judge’s decision is final (that would be me!) and is highly subjective.

Please note this is a cover competition only and does not constitute a review of any of the books featured. It’s up to you to explore. Happy Reading!

My June winner is:

Mr Monfort’s Marriage by Vonnie Hughes

This cover instantly said romance and mystery (two of my favourite things).

Mr Montfort's Marriage - Vonnie Hughes
Mr Monfort’s Marriage by Vonnie Hughes


A marriage of convenience is not always convenient.

The woman needs saving, so he’ll save her. A marriage of convenience should suit them both. But don’t expect him to trust her or love her in spite of those knee-trembling smiles and bright intelligence. Women of the ton are not to be trusted. But Verity certainly is enticing…

As ever, there was stiff competition this month for the top spot. Here are the runners up in no particular order.



Giselle Marks The Fencing Master's Daughter
The Fencing Master’s Daughter by Giselle Marks


Edward, Earl of Chalcombe, walking home, is attacked. He attempts to defend himself but is bludgeoned to the ground. Death seems inevitable when a fat ugly man carrying a stick and a beautiful slender young lady appear and rescue him. The rescuers bundle Edward home and the young lady, Madelaine, summons the Bow Street runners. Refusing reward she provides no address. But Edward, fascinated by both Madelaine’s beauty and swordsmanship, intends to pursue the acquaintance. Edward seeks his rescuers and the culprits who wish to terminate his life. He offers the elusive Madelaine marriage but she repeatedly declines. Madelaine’s father accepts an invitation to visit Edward’s estate with her over Christmas as he takes a liking to Edward. As Edward pursues Madelaine, the attempts on his life continue. The mystery intertwines as their romance progresses and Madelaine eventually reveals the secret making her refuse to marry him.




LookingForJamie Angela Rigley
Looking for Jamie by Angela Rigley


The first book in the saga of Jamie.
Set in the late nineteenth century this is the story of a young boy who is found bedraggled and starving, having lost his memory. All he knows is his name, Jamie. He is taken in by the household of The Grange on the Brightmoor Estate who soon come to love him as one of their own, especially the master David Dalton whose own son had been killed in an accident two years before. Some months later Tillie Raven is released from prison where she had been sent for stealing a loaf after holing up in a barn to escape a fire. Now she has to find her son, she does not even know if he is still alive, but where should she look first?

Sherlock_Holmes and the mystery of the broken window - Bill Todd
Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Broken Window


Sherlock Holmes shows a rare side to his humanity when he and Watson search for a missing fifteen year old girl who has been abducted from her home. The only clue: her window had been smashed through by a rock thrown by an unknown person the night before. With little to go on and no help from the local police, the great detective seems sure of only one thing: if he and Watson cannot find her before dawn, she will be lost forever.


Watch out every month for the next featured selection of great covers, and don’t forget, if you read a book and love it, post a review and make an author happy.

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