New Release from Catherine Kullmann – The Potential for Love


Hi Pam, and thanks for inviting me to come and talk about my new book. The Potential for Love. It is set in England in 1816, and is a love story with a difference.

Where a modern woman must balance the demands of her career and her relationships, for a Regency woman they were one and the same thing. Until she married, she was expected to live with her parents, generally with very little real independence. Only through marriage could she attain a certain autonomy and control of her life, but only provided she made the right choice of husband. That is, if she had a choice; for many women, like Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice who accepts Mr Collins solely from the pure and disinterested desire of an establishment, any husband is better than none.

Arabella Malvin, the heroine of The Potential for Love, has a choice. Tired of the life of a debutante, waiting in the wings for her real life to begin, she is ready to marry but, “Marriage was not without its dangers. A wife was a ‘feme covert’, a woman whose very being or legal existence was suspended, and incorporated and consolidated into that of her husband. All she owned would become his—she would become his in the eyes of the law.” Arabella doesn’t want “to be my husband’s satellite, subservient in all things.” But how is she to find a man who will agree to the type of marriage she wants, one of love, laughter, and a bond that was much more than two signatures on the marriage register?

Embarked on her fourth Season ( I suppose a modern parallel would be her final year at university), Arabella finds herself courted by different men, including Lord Henry, the younger brother of a Marquess, Stephen Naughton, an up and coming Member of Parliament and the rector’s son, and Thomas Ferraunt a major newly returned from occupied France. Each offers a different future. Will she decide for the glittering life of the ton, a future as a political hostess or a quieter, provincial life—comfortable but not wealthy— with Thomas?

As she struggles to make her choice, she is faced with danger from an unexpected quarter while Thomas is stunned by a new challenge. Will these events bring them together or drive them apart?  Will Arabella be able to combine career and marriage?

The Potential for Love is available now from Amazon as eBook and paperback. The paperback can also be ordered from all good bookshops.

Catherine Kullmann was born and educated in Dublin. Following a three-year courtship conducted mostly by letter, she moved to Germany where she lived for twenty-five years before returning to Ireland. She has worked in the Irish and New Zealand public services and in the private sector.

Catherine has always been interested in the extended Regency period, a time when the foundations of our modern world were laid. Her books are set against a background of the offstage Napoleonic wars and consider in particular the situation of women trapped in a patriarchal society. She also blogs about historical facts and trivia related to this era.

You can find out more about Catherine’s books and read her blog (My Scrap Album) at or follow her on Facebook at or Twitter:

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