Book Spotlight: Martha’s Cottage by Fiona Cooke

A very happy Publication Day to Fiona Cooke! I’m a huge fan of Fiona’s writing and if you haven’t checked out her previous work, you should do so. Her collections of short stories are fabulous dark tales, deliciously creepy, and are guaranteed to give you sleepless nights!

Martha’s Cottage is Fiona’s first novel and is a heart-warming and humorous story (see blurb below). The book is published today by SpellBound Books.

Martha’s Cottage

Be careful what you wish for. Sarah and Ben Stephens had it all. Attractive thirty-somethings, upwardly mobile; good careers in the city, a sizeable house in the suburbs. To all concerned it was the perfect picture of marital bliss. Or was it? Years of infertility treatment have taken its toll on their marriage. Barely speaking, they’re strangers who share the same bed. Then the fallout from a surprise birthday party and a lifechanging discovery send Sarah fleeing to the West of Ireland. And there, at Martha’s Cottage, a tiny stone house by the wild Atlantic Ocean, she licks her wounds and must decide on the course of her future.

Home is where the hurt is …

A heart-warming and humorous tale of marriage, motherhood, friendship and betrayal. Lost chances and new beginnings. From the author of ‘The Lights Went Out and Other Stories’.

eBook Buy Link: Martha’s Cottage

Fiona Cooke

Fiona Cooke is a writer, mum, blogger, cat whisperer and zombie enthusiast living in rural Ireland. She writes in a number of genres from romantic comedy/contemporary fiction to dark faerie, supernatural to ghost stories, and gothic horror. She’s greedy like that.

Fiona Cooke

Martha’s Cottage, a tale of infertility and infidelity, motherhood and marriage is set in Dublin and the West of Ireland and is published by SpellBound Books. You can find her quirky collection of short and longer fiction, The Lights Went Out and Other Stories, on Amazon along with her novella, What Happened in Dingle.

Fiona writes dark fiction under the name F.B Hogan and her latest collection of gothic and contemporary horror, The Nightmare was published by Spellbound Books Ltd. in October, 2021.

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