Historical Fiction Author of the Month: Susie Murphy

Welcome to my new Blog Series, Historical Fiction Author of the Month.

Each month, I will showcase a different historical fiction author. Their books will range from romance to mystery and adventure, and will be from many different eras. I hope you discover a new author and their work to enjoy. Happy reading!

In this inaugural post, I am delighted to feature fellow Irish author, Susie Murphy.

Susie Murphy

Susie Murphy is an Irish historical fiction author. She loves historical fiction so much that she often wishes she had been born two hundred years ago. Still, she remains grateful for many aspects of the modern age, including women’s suffrage, electric showers and pizza.

Susie has published five novels in her A Matter of Class series, a sweeping romance saga which begins in Ireland in 1828. A Matter of Class has achieved acclaim from the Historical Novel Society which selected her third book, A Class Forsaken, as an Editors’ Choice in spring 2021 and praised her fourth book, A Class Coveted, as ‘strongly recommended’ in summer 2022.

She is currently working on her sixth book, A Class Inherited. This story was originally intended to be just one book but Susie’s characters have insisted that there will now be at least eight volumes in the series.

I’m sure readers are curious to know what enticed you to write in this genre in particular, Susie?

    I was drawn to historical fiction because I am fascinated by history, particularly the 19th century. I get goosebumps about all facets of it, from the fashion to the architecture to the social customs of the time. I’m highly aware of the danger of romanticising the past, however, so I find it intriguing to seek a balance between creating an idealistic version of history while including the less savoury aspects as well. On top of this, I have a soft spot for love stories so a romantic element is an absolute must too!

    A Matter of Class

    Can an English landowner’s daughter and an Irish stable hand’s son find a way to be together when society says they shouldn’t fall in love?

    Historical Novel Society Review:

    ‘Fast-paced and full of obstacles and adventure. Highly recommended for fans of historical romance and Irish history.’ Editors’ Choice, Historical Novel Society (February 2021 issue Historical Novels Review)

    Buy Links:

    A Class Apart: https://getbook.at/apart

    A Class Entwined: https://getbook.at/entwined

    A Class Forsaken: https://getbook.at/forsaken

    A Class Coveted: https://getbook.at/coveted

    A Class Reunited: https://mybook.to/aclassreunited

    You can find out more about Susie and her work by checking out her social media links below:

    I’m delighted to share that next month’s author is Tony Riches

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