Death at Castle Cove by Mary Grand: Book Spotlight

I am thrilled today to feature Mary Grand’s new release and was delighted to see it pop onto my Kindle yesterday. Happy Publication, Mary!

Death at Castle Cove by Mary Grand.

‘Death At Castle Cove’ by Mary Grand is set on the picturesque Isle of Wight and features amateur detective Susan Flynn and her partner Alice.

Susan’s life revolves around walks in the country with her dog and meeting her fellow dog lovers for strolls along the coastal paths. Her young lodger, Colette, seems to be fitting in well, after a difficult start in life. But when Colette dies in suspicious circumstances, Susan realises that her dog walking friends were the last to see her alive. She has to face the disturbing fact that one of her friends may be responsible.

The local police put it all down to an unfortunate accident, but Susan is not convinced. As she looks in to the mystery, she finds out that her friends have much to hide – and one of them must have killed Colette.

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Mary Grand

Mary’s writing career started with self-publishing three novels, Free to Be Tegan’, ‘Hidden Chapters’ and ‘Behind the Smile’ alongside two free anthologies of short stories ‘Catching the Light’ and ‘Making Changes’.

Mary Grand

In 2020, she was very excited to start working with the amazing Boldwood Books, who published her first murder mystery, ‘The House Party.’ This book was followed by two more island murder mysteries, ‘The Island’ and ‘Good Neighbours.’

Her latest book, published by Boldwood on March 8th 2023, is the first in a new series featuring amateur detective Susan Flynn and her partner Alice called ‘Death at Castle Cove.’ This is a murder mystery, a classic whodunnit. This series is set  in the present day but is inspired by many years of reading Agatha Christie!

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