Kerry Book Adventure: The Final Day

I’m back in Dublin and feeling a wee bit glum because my Kerry book adventure had to end. I had anticipated that this venture would be fun (and informative – book-wise – of course!). And it was. Finer detail on some of my locations has now been sorted, photographic evidence in the bag and the sense of place, that you can only achieve by visiting a location, gained.

WIMG_5808ith only a few hours to spend on location this morning, we concentrated on two local beauty spots that my heroine, as a landscape artist, would probably visit.

The first was Kinnard beach with its famous sea stack (remember those from geography – or were you asleep?) Would be quite a sight on a stormy day.

IMG_5826We headed back towards Annascaul and followed a side road down to the sea to Minard Point. What remains of Minard Castle stands proud but sad. The elements and Oliver Cromwell have taken their toll and the ruin is in pretty bad shape. Mr. Cromwell laid explosives at the four corners but failed to bring it down. However, I understand that the inhabitants did not get away so lightly!

Then it was time to head for home but with some wonderful memories. With only 23,000 words of this book written I must get down to some serious work this week. Thanks for coming along on the journey and I hope I have ignited some interest in the Dingle Peninsula and you will visit yourself some day.

I will leave you with some more photos from the trip. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Kerry Book Adventure: The Final Day

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  1. Well, I do plan to go back visit the Dingle Peninsula and I am indeed intrigued by your character. An artist that is a sleuth? Am I correct? That’s so intersting 🙂


    1. Not quite – 3 main characters, an artist, a barrister and a detective. A murder trial kicks off a series of consequences for all of them. Enjoying this as it is really challenging me as a writer. Crime is far more difficult to write than romance but it’s a hell of a lot of fun too!


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