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ABIS Neighbour blog tourAbi's Neighbour Blog Tour - Day 2 - 9th May

Today in the Library we have Jenny Kane­, who has dropped by as part of her blog tour to say hello and to share some insights into her life as an author.

Jenny’s Bio:

Jen and Abi's House 1Jenny Kane is the author of the full length romance novels Abi’s Neighbour, (Accent Press, 2017),  Another Glass of Champagne (Accent Press, 2016),  Abi’s House (Accent Press, 2015), the contemporary romance/medieval crime time slip novel Romancing Robin Hood (Accent Press, 2014), the best selling contemporary romance novel Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013), and its novella length sequels Another Cup of Christmas (Accent Press, 2013), Christmas in the Cotswolds (Accent, 2014), and Christmas at the Castle (Accent Press, 2015).

Keep your eye on Jenny’s blog at for more details.

Jenny also writes erotica as Kay Jaybee and historical crime as Jennifer Ash.

Did you read much as a child? Are you an avid reader now? Do you prefer books in your own genre or are you happy to explore others?

From almost as soon as I could read I was rarely seen without a book in my hand. I was an incredibly shy child and reading was my way to escape from the world. I had firm favourites, such as The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. I couldn’t get enough of the story of Plop the Owl. I knew the book word for word and could recite chunks of it at will.

In my teens I fell in love with the television series, Robin of Sherwood. As a result I started to read anything and everything to do with Robin Hood, medieval England, and outlaws in general. I don’t think there was a novel or factual book on the subject that I didn’t read in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I remain an avid reader, and very much enjoy reading detective fiction, Victorian crime and contemporary fiction. I like to read a book that makes me think as well as entertain me. I will read any genre except for horror – I scare far too easily!

Are you self-published or traditionally published?

As both Jenny Kane (contemporary fiction) and Jennifer Ash (medieval crime) I have a traditional publisher (Accent Press). I started my writing career prior to self publishing being an option, so for those two genres I haven’t considered self publishing so far.

As Kay Jaybee, however, (erotica), I am a freelance author, and have a mixture of traditional publishers and self published volumes. Since Fifty Shades crashed the erotica market, many traditional erotica publishers have fallen by the wayside. There are very few quality publishers left who are willing to embrace the genre in a form in which it is well written.

What part of the writing process do you find most difficult? How do you overcome it?

For me, the most challenging part of the writing process is getting my novel manuscripts (which are usually between 85-110,000 words in length), from the 10,000 word mark to the 25,000 word mark. I don’t know what it is about that particular part of a novel that makes it so hard to get the words down on paper. Perhaps it’s because the initial idea is mapped out, but the end of the story is so far away.

To get through this I don’t add page numbers to my work until I’m a long way through my story. I also write each chapter as a separate document; only compiling them into one complete working draft once the book is written. This way the word count seems to climb much faster, and I don’t get bogged down only a tenth of a way into my manuscript.

Do you have a favourite time of day to write?

My most creative time is first thing in the morning. I am always at my desk in the corner of a local coffee shop at 7.45 in the morning.

I’m hopeless at writing at home. There are just too many household tasks that need my attention, so I have to go out. As soon as I have a black coffee and a pile of toast and marmalade at my side, I’m away! I’ll write until about 11am. After that I edit, write promotional blogs, and work on any writing courses I might be due to teach that week.

What is the best thing about being an author? And the flipside – what is the worst?

The very best thing about being a writer is being able to play with your imagination all day. You can literally make up anything about anything and it’s OK. It is so much fun! I love it – but like with anything wonderful- there’s a price.

That price is the flipside – the writing process and making up stories is only a small part of an author’s job. A great percentage of time is taken up with book promotion, social media, and taking on lots of freelance work to pay the bills (very few writers earn more than 6k a year).

If you weren’t an author, what would you be up to?

If I wasn’t an author I would either have gone back to tutoring Medieval History or being an archaeologist. I was lucky enough to do both jobs before I had my children. In fact, the only reason I am not doing one or other of those things now, is that not long after I gained my PhD and began to teach at the University of Leicester, my husband was offered a job in Aberdeen. I took a career break so we could go to Scotland; then my family came along, writing found me, and somehow I never went back.

It’s the last day and the earth is facing oblivion – what book would you read?

The Hooded Man by Anthony Horowitz

(Once a Robin of Sherwood fan, always a Robin of Sherwood fan!)

I was  delighted to see the setting for your new book, Jenny – I spent a day at Sennan Cove, many years ago and I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. Please tell us about Abi’s Neighbour.

My latest novel, Abi’s Neighbour was published on 4th May 2017. Set in the stunning Penwith area of Cornwall, it is the sequel to the bestselling Abi’s House (although it can be read as a standalone story).

AN - with quoteBlurb: Abi Carter has finally found happiness. Living in her perfect tin miner’s cottage, she has good friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, Max. Life is good. But all that’s about to change when a new neighbour moves in next door.

Cassandra Henley-Pinkerton represents everything Abi thought she’d escaped when she left London. Obnoxious and stuck-up, Cassandra hates living in Cornwall. Worst of all, it looks like she has her sights set on Max.

But Cassandra has problems of her own. Not only is her wealthy married lawyer putting off joining her in their Cornish love nest, but now someone seems intent on sabotaging her business.

Will Cassandra mellow enough to turn to Abi for help or are they destined never to get along?

Complete with sun, sea and a gorgeous Cornwall setting, Abi’s Neighbour is the PERFECT summer escape.

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