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Thanks to Michael for a lovely review – nothing like scaring a book reviewer!!

The Written Word


It’s Sally and Alex’s first weekend away together and romance is definitely on Sally’s mind. But why is Alex acting so out of character? When strange things begin to happen, Sally wonders if they are truely alone in their coastal getaway …


Review by Michael Connery

Pam Lecky’s The Lighthouse Keeper is a modern day ghost story in the vein of the Victorian classics such as Gaskell, Dickens, and Riddell:  eery and haunting with tragic foreboding.

Atmospheric and vivid, the tale is well-written and tautly plotted. Within the brief twenty-six pages, Lecky unfolds a story steeped in past tragedy, unsettling encounters, and devastating consequences. Though short in length, the protagonist is well-rounded, the plot is driving, and the lighthouse is as much a character as it is the setting. Lecky does a stellar job in building the tension from the first page to the last.

Chilling and gripping,

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